Adventures in Cutie Patootie Land and the Cutie Campout: Volume 4

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Product description


"What a refreshing, witty book! I totally love the illustrations. They are just so adorable, unique, and super cute! Characters are fun! Story is charming!" review "The Cutest Book Ever - I'm an adult who finds this book an absolute delight to read. The story and illustrations are exciting, fun and so entertaining. A must read for all girls! I can't wait to read another book by this creative writer." review "FUN story on a super cute planet called Cutie Patootie Face. Very creative and the illustrations are adorable. Kids at my house loved it, especially the ten-year old." review "Awesome, radically cool, cute book! This book was lively and fun. It was full of vibrant colors in the pictures, and cool characters. I AM TELLING YOU NOW, GET THIS BOOK NOW!!!!" review "This book is for kids who love adventures that have a twist where you think one thing and it's another. I absolutely loved this book!" review

About the Author

Starrie Sky lives in Los Angeles, CA. When she's not coloring and writing new Cutie Patootie Land stories, she's snowboarding, eating ice cream, playing at the beach, and hanging with her pals. All in the same day.

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