About Us

Who are we 

We are Singapore based Tech startup that is changing the way you bought books uptill now or shall we say we are making it cheaper to buy books. We will not shy away from stating that we are in our own way disrupting the conventional bookstore business. Well thats the corporate form. If you are keen to know more about founder then refer to the blog link in the page below.  

Who inspired us 

Elon Musk and the average parent, book reader paying premium for books in Singapore. 

The sheer haplessness we saw on the fellow parents when spending on books for their kids motivated us to find a solution and to continue with it till it we were convinced it could work out. 

Elon Musk inspired us to approach the problem right by going back to basics for answers. In his biography, the author mentions that for his venture SpaceX, Elon Musk went to basics with the purpose of identifying the elements that made rockets expensive. We did the same. 

Our Journey

When we started out to find a solution to save a few dollars on books we purchased we were limited by our vision untill one day when reading Elon Musk book gave us the idea. He mentions of going to basics of process or product by studying each element of cost. We did the same by studying and reviewing many a conventional store bookstore models, finding out what made books expensive and reviewed the costs associated with each aspect of bookstore involved in sourcing, stocking and selling. We then devised a multi-pronged strategy to identify the savings we could bring, we charted out the best and efficient process to eliminate the unnecessary and save on the critical. It took us months of tinkering the solution before we could run a prototype in a small market. We received great feedback along with suggestions which we duly incorporated. Our experiment gave us the confidence to scale it and offer it to larger pool, we went for incorporation and organised ourselves to be able to offer the service at a larger scale. 

Hopefully you will realise the value we offer and will not just come back but spread a word for us. 

Happy reading till then.   

For more about our founder read our blog