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Elon Musk

As they say necessity is the mother of invention. And thats how we started. 

So, it all started when we as young parents, who in the hope of inculcating reading habit for our daughter, realised that we had gone out all the way splurging on books, digging a hole in our pockets, despite repeated reminders from our practical self. It may be exaggeration but thats ok, because thats how we could best show the magnanimity our problem.

For a brief while , while we continued our splurging, we started discussing it with friends and acquittances with similar profile only to realise that problem was real and effected everyone. The general outcome of such discussions was a hapless acceptance that buying books was indeed expensive.  Our holiday travels added salt to our wounds when we compared the prices of similar titles in other countries especially in US, UK, Europe, Australia.

This made our resolve stronger to finding cheaper alternative. The obvious next best was going online. Most online stores were either another sales channel of local bookstores, therefore prices were not very different or because the online stores operated from other countries the books were to be imported, resultantly shipping costs and long lead times made it unviable and impractical.

So the search continued, untill that one day, when we happen to be reading one of today's most prolific entrepreneur, Elon Musk's biography. Believe us, no bragging but it was nothing short of eureka moment, just that in this case apple did not fall on the ground, we were chewing it at that time.

So the book talked about his journey from a car maker to working on building a reusable rocket launcher which would reduce the cost of satellite launch significantly, even challenge NASA. And the way he planned to do that was by breaking down the components of rocket to find out their cost, then working on re-designing the process and products, finding the cheapest and best source of raw materials so as to reduce the costs of rocket significantly. And as we talk, he has already achieved fair success with SPACEX venture. That is why the image of the book that inspired on this blog.

So thats what we did by changing the direction of our search. We focussed on what really made the book expensive or to say what really were the components of cost and why not take a shot at breaking them down. And we found ways to do it on a sustainable basis.  

Now, that we made it work for us, we believed there were many parents and book readers who could take advantage of this. Why limit the benefit to us only. So we ran a prototype of model which was a success and received great response. 

So finally here we are, after about more than year of hard work we present to you the platform where you can buy books at 30%-50% cheaper than your local bookstore. We are "techified" & "incorporated" and we stand for trust & responsibility.  

Happy reading.  

Team Source8rite 

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